photographing the brinton's at yeah field trip

i met the love of my life at yeah field trip.  (click on the link if you're interested in learning more or attending this year). i didn't even want to go - i was scared, more than a little broken hearted, at the time, and just wanted to stay home warm on my couch per usual. but i'd agreed to teach, so i went.  and there he was. basically a prince on a horse, except the horse was a golf cart.

our love story, though riveting in its own right, got a little less disney from there, but i've been back to field trip every year, teaching and loving him since. last year i was able to photograph one of the most stunning families, i've ever had the privilege of knowing. i was photographing them in front of a group, which means while shooting and trying to be creative, i was also trying to sound smart, be entertaining, make jokes, and act like i wasn't sweating like mad or cussing under my breath from nervousness.

i remember asking my "students," to if nothing else, spend the time attempting to see not with with their cameras but with their hearts. i felt pretty good about that.