lemon yellow, aqua blue part 2 | boise wedding photographer

so maybe you don't know a little something about me. i like to take my wedding couples out on the town (or field, or abandoned building, or any other fancy location) for a "just them," session. this can take place the morning of, morning/evening before, morning/evening after the ACTUAL WEDDING day. its just a way to get to shoot at some really cool places and get some really cool pictures without the understandable pressure of, "can we hurry this up, the guests are waiting." so this is briana and david's "just them." we met downtown at hotel 43, and kept to about a 2 block radius. and we had a lot of fun. and we had a lot of lemmons. and we had a lot of love. thanks for looking. i welcome all fun and fresh bride and grooms to give me a call for the same experience. and even if you're not particulary fun, and a little less than fresh, still, give me a call. =)













six months | boise baby photographer

dear laura, (aka, super adorable baby even when she doesn't like the strange lady with the black camera)

i hope some day we meet again. and on that day i can show you i'm really a nice person! i may have to prove this by feeding you candy (when you're older, when you're older!)

i know this afternoon isn't on your list of  the top ten best days of your life. but you still managed to win me over. not to mention the camera loves you.

your friend (please?),


p.s. i wanted to get a few up tonight, but there will be more tomorrow!tummy-time-weblaura-sb