that feeling when you expect to get your scans back and they never come...

i can't concentrate....on anything. this



broken promises! this is me shaking my mean old angry man fist! i know i will probably get them tomorrow, but tonight my heart is broken!

but it happens, life goes on, and so does the blog. without or without my new scans of the amazingness i was lucky enough to shoot in california.

which brings us to another instagram post. yes yes, that's right. here we go.

this week i discovered a new iphone app. frametastic thanks to some way savvier than me instagrammers who were all over it like butter on toast.

and p.s.

who are you following on instagram? who is your favorite? are you on? i'm yanpalmer, though you probably know that already from me spamming facebook and twitter left and right. i am obsessed with this new medium. i am fixated on  shooting my everyday. almost as fixated as i am on checking my email for the notification that my scans are in....

the past week on instagram (all images taken on my iphone):