what parts of the whole look like

i've said it before and i'll say it again. half of being a good photographer is being a good editor. knowing what to show and what to cut. knowing what it means to put your best foot forward. and i confess that i can be extremely brutal with my own work. almost never showing images that are by my estimation mediocre. but you know what happened?

almost all the images i have of myself and my family NEVER made the cut. they always fell into the "too rough around the edges to see the light of day."

you may have noticed i've loosened up arond here. its been part of my effort to be more honest. the line for content has been much more about autheniticity and much less about perfection. as a continuation of that, i want to show you a handful of images i've shot of my family in the last few months, that up to this point would have remained hidden on various hard drives.

these are parts of my whole. the parts that are much less polished, refined, and professional. all images on film.

thanks for looking.

this post is part of a project i'm doing with some other amazing women photographers in this industry. its a circle of links and the whole point is to get each of us to dedicate time to photographing more of what matters in our own lives. be sure to click on over to stephanie's moore's post what family smores night looks like.