what's with all the no picture posts? | Boise children's photographer

*******edited to add: how could i forget to mention that  i have TWO mini sessions slots still open for this saturday!!! 9:00 am or 11:00 am anybody? i'm sorry, i really am! but i am all about bizzzzznessss this week. and as many photogs out their know, doing this whole "i'm a pro photographer thing," sometimes the biz side can overwhelm the creativity side, and this is one such post. now onto some REALLY important business matters, such as....

FACEBOOK. i'm there, people i am there. but you want to know the truth? its not a WHOLLLLLLLE lot different than being right here on the blog. still, if you want to become my "fan, " and make me feel all rock star like, click here, i think. i mean, go ahead and click, i promise its not an internet scam, but i can't totally promise that it will take you to a place where you can click that cute, gray, "become a fan."  button. sigh....so maybe i don't have this whole facebook thing down quiiiiite yet. ha. but seriously, yan fan yourselves. that's right, i said it.


TWITTER. now this is a little embarrassing. but really, how could you live with yourself, knowing i'm out there, tweeting things like "shopping,"  or "woke up on the wrong side of the bed," and you are not       f o l l o w i n g    m  y    e v e r y    m o v e. so if you are interested in the details of my daily life of awesomeness, click here. i'm going to do my best to sound way cool and larger then life. but concerning the link,  see same disclaimer as written in paragraph one.


thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my deep red heart for all of your responses to my desparate plea for an assistant. i am happy, and a little sad as well, to report that the position has been filled-------by my mom. no joke. she says she wants to be near me while i'm here in boise, and if that's how she has to do so, so be it. what a lady! she looks fierce in leopard print and might be better with children than i am. she did have, cough,  eight of them. whoa!

okay yan fans (ahem, hint, hint), thank you for attending this cyber business meeting with yan photography. you've gotten your assignments, now go on, git!