yan and becky earl bff's fo-ev-uh! | in other words, its a heartshop

Picture 2 okay, its not like i even CAN pretend to not be crazy nervous about announcing this. even if i really, really wanted to. because here are the facts:

1. everyone does a workshop these days

2. everyone claims to have something worth money to offer.

but you know what i say to that?

1. Its not a workshop, its a HEARTshop. And NOT everyone does a HEARTshop with BECKY FREAKING EARL!

Knowing becky is surreal as she is someone who's work I've respected loooooong before meeting her in person. lucky for me she happened to move to Utah where I could bribe her with m&m's to become my buddy.

2. And everyone probably DOES have something worth money to offer. Its just that its up to you to decide if this particular hearthop is worth it for YOU. And it might not be, but, you know what else, it just MIGHT!

I, for one, think its going to the most gosh darn EPIC EVENT OF THE CENTURY!

So head here for all the juicy info, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think!  for questions about the heartshop, make sure you go through the contact page on the heartshop's website. mwahhhhh!!!! (that's a kiss).