Yan photography in Design Aglow Family Posing Guide! | Boise Photographer

Looky looky looky!!!! My name in lights! Wellllllll, sort of. I have another image in another one of Design Aglow's super hip posing guides! I'm just so honored to have my work featured along side some of the best photographers in the industry. My favorites, cough, Tara Whitney, in fact. Here is the blurb from Design Aglow's blog and a little sneak peak if you will (the guide it self is pretttty darn sweet, definitely a purchase worth considering for you photographers out there):

Tired of stale poses for family groupings that leave everyone feeling blah? Done with plastered grins as parents and kids grimace through a forced ‘sit'? Design Aglow's exclusive Family Posing Guide will ensure your clients not only enjoy their time in front of the camera, they'll be smitten by your prints as well.

Regardless the clients, location or purpose for a session, this inspired and diverse set of 50 phenomenal poses showcases families in all manner of locations and types of shoots, from urban funky fun to serene and spunky by the seaside. Professional and thought provoking, inspiring and just plain fun, bring out these great ideas. You'll find yourself having such a great time, you won't want to put down the camera.

Simply print out the high quality cards and bind with a clip for an easy, take-along guide in your camera bag.

Featuring stunning imagery from Design Aglow contributors: Audrey Woulard Lena Hyde Laura Novak Whitebox Photography Paul Johnson Jessica Johnston Anna Mayer Galina Sullivan Adele Reiding Yan Photography Tara Whitney