yetti sighting - the hamptons

what's a photography session like with me?

i hate answering that question. i hate it for the same reason i hate all labels. to label is to limit. to label is to provide a false sense of security for societal/ structural purposes.  In most cases those labels are superficial at best and completely hollow at worst for anything other than mind numbing comfort.
what is anything? 
it is what it is.
do i sound zen or just grumpy? 
i think i'm grumpy today.
the point is this: 
a session with me guarantees two things: 1. i will love you. i understand if that sounds ridiculous. maybe it is. but its one of the few things i know how to do. i will make a big open space in my heart for you, and your loved ones to be 100% yourselves. awkwardly. hilariously. joyously, sadly, without certainty---whatever you are in that moment in time, i will hold it. with humble respect. with artful adoration.  2. at the end of the experience, you will get pictures (in digital file form that were made on using medium format and 35 mm film)  of what our particular, completely unique time looked like and felt like. they are for you to keep and use how you would like. they might surprise you. they may not be what you expected. but based on what you see in my portfolio, they will be soaked with an entire range of feeling, a mutual exploration of relationship, light and story. Most strikingly,  they will feel, somehow true. 
is this lifestyle photography? documentary? photojournalism? narrative? light direction? you guys. who knows? it is what it is. over the years its evolved into feeling like a cross between hanging out with your mom if your mom was kinda klutzy cool, super laid back, always carried a camera and laughed at her own jokes.....annnnd meeting with an eccentric therapist who asks too many personal questions. sound fun yet? it also costs $1500!!!!  (man, i'm good at selling). 
so anyway, like i've been saying -- it is what it is. 
its the very best i can do.