YAN FAM WAY Workshops 2016

Its the end of another week of shooting, my head is pounding, my throat is as scratchy as the dying leaves outside and my feet are about to freeze right the crap off. the tears in my eyes aren't from any of that. they are an odd, watery recipe of shock, gratitude, and hope. my life is good.

really good.

and i'll tell you why. although this will be a long flight home from new york city to SLC,  the bottom of my stomach is tingling with the half nervous thrill  that tomorrow i'll be on yet another plane. this time to india. and this time, (here comes the part i'm most excited about) with my oldest daughter myra. its the last bursting finale to a grueling and incredible year of work and travel and finally, FINALLY!!  i'll be able to share some of the world with my children---its been a goal of mine for such a long time. and this is just the beginning.

in 2015 I held 12 YanFamWay workshops in the US, Europe, and Australia, which created over 115 new alumni to add to the talented pool of photographers I have had the honor to teach. i am humbled in so many ways by your desire to learn with me--and let's be real, a tooooouch guilty feeling since i'm the one doing most of the learning and its from each of you!  Along the journey of these workshops I also got to meet some super rad families (over 30) that entrusted me with documenting their life, love and connection as a family.  as a photographer and teacher, nothing humbles me more.

Sometimes (read: all the time) I can't believe I get to do this for a living but am obviously glad that I do.  There are days when I'm bone tired and that voice in my heads says "knock it off. who are you to buzz around like this thinking you can promise to help, document and teach people." the truth is i might not be anybody. Just a girl, who says, i have some ideas and i really want to try.... And then, by some miracle, I hear or see something from a client or student that reminds me that maybe I'm doing something right.  Oddly enough, I even hear chatter out on the web that you aren't sick of me yet--- So I listened to my heart and rolled out a schedule of 2016 YanFamWay workshop dates last week.  What?  You didn't see the sweet little video I made for myself (I mean you guys) out on Instagram?  Well don't look right now, but don't miss it.

So in case you really did miss it and were doing something way more important than scanning social media - I announced the following 2016 dates and locations (so far) with a few new ones added to this post:

Bellingham, WA - March 8 - GETTING FULL

Melbourne - April 25 - SOLD OUT

Byron Bay, AUS - April 21 (NEW - not to be confused with the Alumni 2.0 workshop) - GETTING FULL

Auckland, New Zealand - April 29 (NEW)

Nashville, TN - June 2 - GETTING FULL

Portland, ME - Special 2 day version - June 28-29 (*details below about how this one will differ) SOLD OUT

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - July 17

Salt Lake City, UT - August 4

Indianapolis, IN - October 4 (NEW)

Cincinnati, OH - October 6 (Date UPDATED)

I am exploring Canadian locations tentatively for Fall 2016.  See note below about how you can help make that happen.

Those links take you to the payment full option.  Need a bit more flexibility in your payments? you can pay in 2 installments - 50% to reserve your spot and the other 50% is due within 5 weeks of the workshop (the Maine workshop can be paid in 3 payments)

Don't see your city (province) or one near by listed?  Don't cry...if you recruit at least 5 people to participate in a workshop, I'll come to you.  Just send me a message here and we'll talk details.

Do you still need convincing?  Why not read what some pretty amazing people said about their YFW experience.  I swear they weren't even coerced to say these things.  And here you can read more about the workshop and some FAQs...even that really awkward one we all wonder but are afraid to ask, "can i get my money back?"

Interested in a family session?  I will be accepting a limited number of sessions at each workshop location.  Send an email here and either my assistant, Lisa, or I will get back to you about availability for that location.  Click here for cost.  Family sessions can also be paid in 2 payments (50/50).  Send and email me for more details.

ALUMNI Dates: (these events are for alumni who have already participated in the original YanFamWay 2.0 workshop.  A few spots remain for Maui & MARFA

Maui, HI - January 13-16

Canon Beach, OR - March 10-13 - SOLD OUT

MARFA, TX – April 7-10

Byron Bay, Australia – April 18-21 - SOLD OUT

Pay a Deposit for an Alumni event HERE

*Portland 2 day YFW Experience - One piece of feedback that I hear from pretty much every workshop is "I wish it was more than one day."  SO...I'm doing what I ask my kids to do all the time...I'm listening!  This experience will allow me to go into even more depth conversations with each participant to get you on the path to where you want to go with your art.  Plus, there will be shooting opportunities both days.  And since it's two days, my hope is that you will treat this as a mini-vacation and find a way to treat yourself to relaxation and fun before and after your two days of learning.

mixed tape

i met megan and james a few years back when i photographed their tear fest, stunning wedding (check it here).  i spent the day smiling and  feeling hope grow up like a mountain in my chest that by the end of the day was bigger than all the hills of   anxiety and fears i was feeling at the time about being a single mom. megan was one of the most radiant brides i've been lucky enough to photograph.....she was also the mother of 5 equally lovely children. 

they gave their wedding guests a cd as a thank you, like a lot of couples seem to do these days, but UNLIKE a lot of wedding cd's it was good. REALLY good. i had it on rotation for almost an entire summer---it bonded me to them in the way that only perfect mixed tapes can do among like minded people. and that was on top of the already puppy like attachment i formed to them as their wedding photographer.

so when they had their first baby together and asked me to photograph them as a family of EIGHT in D.C., fireworks went off in my heart, and i couldn't wait to spend a few more hours in the light of their unique brand of love. this is what we got when i did. thanks guys, i hope i get some more time with you soon. xxx


yan fam way 2015

"I knew i would get a glimpse into how she saw the world through her camera, but the most valuable takeaway was Yan's voice in my ear, encouraging me to see everything my own way." -Ashley Kelemen

Dear anyone who's ever thought about coming to my workshop,

Sometimes i think the workshop is pretty damn special, and sometimes i think, what's the point? no one literally needs a "workshop."

we can all teach ourselves by just doing the work.

Sometimes i lose sleep over the fear, "oh no, "ive become a workshop teacher, not a photographer." which is why i'm going to try like crazy to book sessions in every city i visit (but i'll talk about that more in my next post, sit tight and watch for that one tomorrow)

The thing is that every time i'm able to get over myself, hush that annoying inner voice of self doubt, so that i can throw myself into teaching, something special actually does seem to happen -- i truly feel like i help---i know i i try my hardest, i genuinely care, and the people who come really do appear to benefit.

I know this, because they tell me. Although, to be fair, i'm sure the ones who don't politely keep their mouths shut.

The point is, i'm having another go at it in 2015. I don't know if i'll keep teaching them forever or not. some cities fill up crazy fast and i cry tears of joy--- and some cities don't always fill and i cry tears of...not joy.

please read all those words on the promo pic to get an idea of what's covered, as well as go through the faq's. and if you want to save $50, sign up before jan 3o, by clicking one of the links below.

warmly, nervously, warmly nervous?




how long is this thing? 

the workshop is one day only from 9-6 and includes a one hour shooting period in the afternoon. usually the day is wrapped with a non mandatory, informal dinner which spouses are welcome, dare i say encouraged to attend. i will proceed to ask over personal questions about how you met, fell in love, and what your love languages are.

what do i bring?

a laptop, or digital device to take notes with, or just a good old fashioned notebook---i meeeaaannn, i'm not fancy.  a workbook with the workshop information will be provided. its full of prety pictures, made by my friends at artifact uprising and good for taking notes in. bring any camera gear you  plan on shooting with during the day, and all of the questions you can think of. i find it helps to write them down ahead of time because they tend to escape the mind in the moment. silly things.

is there a shoot?

yes, at each workshop i will photograph a family and you are welcome to either observe or participate--its up to you and however you learn best

is this just for family photographers/professionals?

the majority of attendees are professionals (of all levels) and have an interest in shooting families. i would say the emphasis of the workshop is two fold: 1.how to best work with families and 2. how to identify your own unique photographic voice. you do not have to be a professional or family photographer to benefit from the latter. i have had a number of attendees who qualified as neither.

do we eat?

lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day are complimentary, but if you're gonna hang with us at dinner, its every (wo)man for her/himself! :)

okay but where exactly?

With the exception of London, and Brisbane, for each location, I will be renting a house that the attendees are welcome to join me at to stay for a nominal additional fee of $75. you can arrive the evening before the workshop, and checkout the day after. this will likely be a shared room situation, so do not be alarmed. The location and size of the house is dependent on the number of attendees, and will be finalized 1.5 month prior to the workshop. I am also open to offers to host workshops in your home, please contact me directly photography.yan@gmail.com

does it matter if i shoot film or digital? 

in short, no. i don't believe in medium discrimination! but we will spend some time discussing film, so don't hesitate with all your film questions.

but seriously yan, what makes this workshop different?

i'm gonna have to say the time and attention i spend on getting to know YOU and making sure you walk away from the workshop with what you came for. and that's on top of teaching you everything i've ever learned about family photography in one too short day. every participant gets a question sheet before they come to help me achieve this. i also clock a lot of hours pouring over each attendees portfolio to give them targeted feedback, also pre game day. i even give an assignment to be completed BEFORE the workshop tailored to specific areas of needed growth for each participant. are you getting the picture? this isn't about coming to hang for a day so you can learn how to do exactly what i do exactly how i do it, though i don't hold any of that back. rather, there is a huge emphasis on you and your own personal strengths and journey.  because i care and because i want to see YOU succeed.

is this just a feeling fest?

okay okay, you caught me, there's some of that because i'm not gonna lie---i have found that life success, artistic success, even monetary success in best case scenarios is tied to honoring one's core self, and letting that drive one's endeavors.  figuring out what or who the crap that is can take some work and be a little emotionally uncomfortable. but please believe me when i say that i'm not in the business of selling feelings. this workshop is an intense mix of inspiration, time tested strategy, and tangible tools that have the ability to transform your entire approach to photography and the way you run your business. my goal is to send each attendee away with at the very least, a personalized plan that makes sense for THEM.

can i get my money back?

ohhhh, the most uncomfortable question ever. i would offer refunds if i could, but its a logistical mess on my end! so, all seats once claimed are non refundable. i know, i know, life happens, things come up, we get poor, i get it.  that's why i have no problem with you finding someone to "sell," your seat to, or if you are unable to attend, using your payment as a credit toward a future workshop.

when is my second payment due?

you must be paid in full at least six weeks prior to the date of the workshop you are attending.

let's do this!


CLICK HERE to guarantee your spot in one of the workshops.

if ya wanna book a session with yan in 2015

taking pictures  in a family or couple's home  inspires me more than any mountaintop, beach, or grassy field. don't get me wrong, i'm not going to turn a shoot down at any of those places either, but the heart and story in every corner of a home isn't really matchable in terms of meaning anywhere else. i'm not just talking about the beautiful homes like the one pictured here. please don't think that. i'm talking about houses like mine. messy, but lived in. small, a little cramped, but with pockets of light so magical they never get old. and yes yes yes, i'll take the pretty houses too if ya got em. ;) i'm traveling to a lot of cities this year to teach my workshop, and its my mission to get into as many of  your homes as i can to  document the stories i find there. i've held off on announcing this list of locations simply because i'm hesitant to be out of my own home so much, but when my kids are with their dad, this is what i do---i steal away into unfamiliar houses where i can feel the raw love of a family even if its not mine. :) the best part is that i get to give that experience back to you in pictures so that you can feel the beauty that  isn't always obvious to us humans as we go about our day to day.

here is the list of cities and dates where i will be accepting sessions (families and couples!) in 2015

• los angeles jan 26-27

• tampa jan 29,30

• washington d.c. april 8-11 (almost completely booked)

• st. louis may 5-6

• austin may 8

• pittsburgh may 18

• nyc may 22-23

• madison july 10-11

• ann arbor july  14-15

• portland sep 11-12

• san francisco oct 9-10

• denver oct 21-23

how about an image break before we go over all the pricing information? okay? okay.

(these images were taken at my yan fam way workshop in seattle last year. the lovely and incredibly talented heather perera hosted the workshop in her home and rounded up the equally lovely and equally talented (its hard to believe, i know)   katy tuttle to model with her family at home. i am forever grateful).


i've done this whole, traveling photographer thing for a few years now and have learned some heart smashing, bank account terrifying  lessons along the way. but i think i've finally settled into a system that not only works for my business sense and mama heart,  but also works to honor my beloved clients and give them a bit of a deal where i can. so without further ado, here is all the info you need to decide whether or not you want to book a session with me this year:

how much does a yan family session officially cost?
for a session i charge a flat rate of $1450. this includes all of the edited full resolution files from our time together.  A 50% non refundable retainer is required to book your session and the remainder due three weeks prior to your scheduled shoot. sessions last up to two hours at various locations (depending on your preference).
how much can i save if i have hired you for photos in the past?
$150 off the official price! kinda a lot. i believe in showing thanks to those of you who have helped me on my way and that's YOU.
how much can i save if i have attended your workshop or have signed up for a workshop in 2015?
also $150! also a lot! welcome to the family.
how much can i save if i book before january 30th?
all clients who book their 2015 session before january 30th can save $100 off of the official price.
can i qualify for alllllll the discounts always forever?
i wish i could afford it!
but you can qualify for either the past client OR workshop goer AND the $100 discount for booking before jan 30th, for a total of $250 savings. alright, alright, confetti.
at least i hope. i understand not every person who inquires will be able to book me. if that is the case then i guess i have to stop talking to you forever. i'm kidding! this is a no pressure situation! i totally understand budget restrictions and do not wish to push anyone past theirs.
but if this does sound like something you want to take the leap and make happen in 2015, send me an email to photography.yan@gmail.com with the subject SESSION WITH YAN IN _______ (INSERT YOUR CITY)  because let's be honest, that will help me a whole lot with keeping my inbox in order. can't wait to hear from you soon. xx