mixed tape

i met megan and james a few years back when i photographed their tear fest, stunning wedding (check it here).  i spent the day smiling and  feeling hope grow up like a mountain in my chest that by the end of the day was bigger than all the hills of   anxiety and fears i was feeling at the time about being a single mom. megan was one of the most radiant brides i've been lucky enough to photograph.....she was also the mother of 5 equally lovely children. 

they gave their wedding guests a cd as a thank you, like a lot of couples seem to do these days, but UNLIKE a lot of wedding cd's it was good. REALLY good. i had it on rotation for almost an entire summer---it bonded me to them in the way that only perfect mixed tapes can do among like minded people. and that was on top of the already puppy like attachment i formed to them as their wedding photographer.

so when they had their first baby together and asked me to photograph them as a family of EIGHT in D.C., fireworks went off in my heart, and i couldn't wait to spend a few more hours in the light of their unique brand of love. this is what we got when i did. thanks guys, i hope i get some more time with you soon. xxx