a few house keeping matters; availability and newborns

hey you. yeah you, the one tossing around the idea of booking a session. pardon me for lighting the fire beneath your you know what, but i regret to inform you that JUNE IS BOOKED! so if you do want some photos of your precious ones, i would advise getting in touch with me for a session in july or august soooooooon. =) to reiterate, i already have a few bookings in july, and am now scheduling into July and August.  And to save myself from sounding like too much of a meanie, I have an exciting announcement for anyone expecting a baby this summer! I am waiving, that's right, waiving my session fee for newborn sessions scheduled with me during the month of July. Details:

*Sessions can take place in either July or August (if you ask reaaaaallllllly nicely i might be able to squeeze in someone in June).

*Sessions must be scheduled during the first 10 days of baby's life

*Sessions will take place in YOUR home. That's right, I come to you!

*Participants must sign a model release and be willing to name their newborn child after me (middle name is okay). kidding. but really, i'm looking for sweet newborns with nice parents who are open to some creative and fresh ideas for newborn photography!

So if you're interested, and I hope you are, puh-lease send me an email at photography.yan@gmail.com.