me vs. them (they won) | boise family photographer, boise child photographer

let me show you who i was up against this last wednesday: trinity-close-up-web

fighter one, and


fighter two.

it was over before it began. i don't even think i should try not to fall in love with my clients anymore. sure, i know its sorta odd. but what can you do when your peering into these gorgeous little souls?

if you want the truth, the real reason it was over before it began is that  i happened to have met these two before we ever talked about a session. awhile back, my husband and i needed to get out of the house with our kids for some fresh air, and stumbled upon the nicest family at the playground. you know how sometimes you meet people and right away you sense a warmth about them? when i observed these  girls at the playground, i was struck by how attentive and interactive their parents were. their family dynamic was so UNITED.  i  DO believe you can observe that very dynamic



see what i mean?

needless to say, i was way pumped to photograph them. maybe a little too pumped. i worked them a little too hard at the end, greedy for as many pictures as i could get. but they were amazing the entire time. and here are some of my favorites to prove it.







recorder-webtrin-happy-smile-web bridge-web