will you take my picture? |boise wedding photographer, ut wedding photographer

"will you take my picture?" that was the subject line in jillien's first email to me. what was i going to do, say "NO!"? of course not,  not just because as a general rule i try not to decline anyone who offers me money in exchange for photographs - she had won me over with that single quirky line. i'm so glad it all worked out. but you know what? its late. my head hurts.  i'm trying so hard to come up with a creative way to describe the connection between these two.....and....

no dice.

because how do you describe a connection between two people so strong that as a mere observer and practical stranger, i was moved to tears (more than once)?  okay, maybe just having a baby turns me into more of a cryer than i've previously admitted. or maybe that's how beautiful their relationship was.

i know i promised a follow up post of shiloh pictures, and this is kind of like that (not at all), because i photographed this beautiful wedding 12 days after his birth. i was nervous my entire pregnancy anticipating this feat? but it was absolutely lovely. and just so you know, i would have said that statement even if it wasn't available to the world wide web.

meet jillien. when she wasn't making eyes at her new husband, this was her resident expression: