Announcing the Yan Fam Way Workshop


Its no secret that i go back and forth on whether or not to teach workshops. every time i've taken that leap the results have been above far beyond my expectation. i leave with my heart touched and inspired. i leave with the satisfaction of seeing the look on an attendee's face when you help them get a few bounds closer to realizing their own unique potential.

further, i love to teach. that love has been alive far longer than i've been a photographer. in fact, my bachelor's degree is in education. teaching is as much a passion for me as photography.




the self doubt.

the fear of being thought a phony, even when you know you have something to give. the self imposed pressure to absolutely make sure you deliver on what you promise your attendees. because how could you possibly feel good about sending them home otherwise?

so i put myself out there,  i pour every last part of me into the work and the teaching. i take a deep breath, say "ready, set, go....." and then----i'm shocked by the positive reception. the successes of those who come. this totally mental, possibly crazy emotional roller coaster i put myself through  ends up being such an intense experience that afterwards i find myself retreating. to replenish. to evaluate. to take it all in, learn from what has happened, and  re grow my courage, so to speak.

until i find myself at this place again. yanking at my eyebrows nervously, taking 2 hours to write a blog post announcement that should only have taken about 15 minutes.

ready, set, go.

the concept is simple. something intimate. somethething straightforward. something AFFORDABLE with a narrowed focus. a day with me teaching you everything i possibly can about what i love to photograph best - families. so come be with me for a day. if you wanna, because i'd love to meet you.

email me at with questions.

*workshop is for film AND digital shooters *non refundable (see next note) *i reserve the right to cancel the workshop in the event that not all seats are filled. however, if the workshop is cancelled, you will be fully refunded.

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