wendy, wendy, wendy. you may know her from her incredible film photography http://www.wendylaurel.com/

or as the creator of my favorite family photography blog http://letthekids.com/

but to me, wendy, welllll....

you know how they ask you in school---who do you admire? you do you look up to? who do you want to be like? and its really hard to think of an answer outside of your mom, or a teacher you had, or someone oprah famous (or should i say ellen, oprah was so 15 years ago)---for me that answer is wendy. a. she knows who she is. b. she's learned how to love that person. c. she loves her family way more than she loves herself and d. she doesn't let all the other b.s. and hullabaloo, keeping up with the joneses, mumbo jumbo, whatever you want to call it distract from what actually matters.

wendy has been trying to get me out to maui for quite some time to photograph her family in the gorgeous hawaii sun, and her beautiful white bedroom---and of course the day we scheduled to do it is the one stormy, rainy, dark (ish, i mean, come on, its still hawaii) day. i don't think it held us back one bit. wendy and her crew brought all the sunshine and rainbows we needed.