are they even real? | utah family photographer

brenley-sb yes people, they're real. no, no, no, i don't just find beautiful people and beg them to let me take their pictures. why would you think that?


the fact that this session happened was sort of a miracle. kristy called me rather out of the blue because of a recommendation she received. we discussed a session at their family's cabin in island park. she described a picturesque field of wildflowers where she'd taken her daughter's photos last year. i saw visions of warm, golden light, and jumped at the chance (duh).

week of the session arrives. its raining. a lot. its raining in boise. its raining in island park. the forecast is for temperatures BARELY in the 60's. uh oh. maybe the dream session was not to be. i prayed and hoped, and cheerfully drove the 4 (or was it 5) hours to Island Park with a mixture of fear and optimism in my heart.

the day of the session turns out to be the warmest day we'd seen all week. there is no rain that morning. we can't quite believe it, and are both a little giddy. I spend with the morning with just kristy (did i mention she's a model. yeah.) taking some photos to update her portfolio. kristy and her family SHOWER me and mine with hospitality and kindness. They are feedubg my daughters graham crackers, and offering to let them nap in another cabin they have access to.

But after our morning session, the clouds thicken. I feel a few drops on my arms and legs. Its cool enough to make me want my jacket. The people in the local gas station our talking seriously about the huge storm blowing in, while I pay nervously for candy. I head over to Kristy and her family's cabin at about 5, determined to make something work. Kristy is just as determined.  and then...

The clouds thin just a bit. The sun peaks out. The droplets that had been picking up force seem to disappear for the duration of our session together. I'm so happy I can hardly concentrate.

Wow. Providence. =)