Yan Photography in Design Aglow Kids Posing Guide! | Boise Photographer

design-aglow-inspire-me (image borrowed from Design Aglow)

To fully appreciate and understand this honor, let me just tell you that a picture or two from little 'ol me will be shown along side the work of some of the BEST CHILDRENS PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE INDUSTRY. Do Lena Hyde, Audrey Woulard, Tara Whitney, ring a bell?!!!!!


Shown in what you ask? Among Design Aglow's amazingly hip product line, are guide's for photographers that help freshen up their repertoire  of posing ideas.  This is where a few of my photo's are being used (honor, honor, total honor).

For those of you who don't know about Design Aglow, its an incredible resource for photograpers to inspire and improve their businesses. They have just about the most beautiful and cutting edge products out there these days, as well as a brilliant magazine they publish quarterly. Check them out here.

So to keep this from becoming a complete Oscar Acceptance speech, I would like to state a very sincere, simple, and lovely THANK YOU (to be applied liberally).