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EDITED TO ADD: whoa whoa whoa!!!! i have been blown away by the amount of interest i have received in mentoring sessions. those of you who contacted me for more info, should have recieved an email from me today. If you did not, send me an email with a swear word in the title, so I will be sure to notice you. At this time I am only offering a limited number of spots, and though I just sent out info today, those spots are close to being gone! I'm about to go turn on a Mates of States song song to dance my pants off to. That's how thrilled I am at the prospect of meeting each of you! remember when you were a kid and any time you had a question there was this one great source of all knowing wisdom? she was always there, almost always had a patient answer (except for the millionth time you asked why you couldn't spend the night at your best friend's house), and you felt so secure and safe, knowing that if you had a problem or were confused on something, your Mom could without fail save the day?

...sigh, i miss having all my bad days saved. i miss being able to run to my mom when i can''t figure something out. i miss having my sweet, good mother, not only answer my question, but being able to see  her eyes full of love as she did so.  i miss  hearing that tone of praise in her voice, as though i was so brilliant for even formulating what i wanted to ask.

the problem is that  i got older. life got bigger. and way way way more complicated. and though i'm still very much inclined to call my mom when there is something i




unfortonately, there are limits to her formerly endless wells of knowledge. like for instance:


any canon product.

and the virtues of apple over pc, to name a few.

and some days i wish, i yearn i ache, for there to be just one person who would have in the past and who would still, answer all of my millions of pitiful questions along my photographic journey.  although i have had incredible resources and friends i would be extremely remiss for not acknowledging, they are in fact, the reason i am where i am today (you know who you are), there was never just one all knowing cross between dumbledore and my mom: ie someone with ALL the answers.

okay, now don't laugh, but with this is mind, i would like to throw a little offer out there. first the disclaimer: i am not dumbledore. i am not an embodiment of everything wise and good, like my mom was for me when i was young. basically, i only know how to do what i know how to do. but surprisingly, i get quite a large number of emails asking me this VERY thing. how do I do what  I do. And you know what? I want to give some answers. But more importantly, I want to get to you know you as I do.

So starting this winter, me, the yan in Yan Photography will be offering half day and full day ONE on ONE  mentoring sessions. If I'm going to mentor, I really want to make a connection with you, and I really want you to get ALL your questions answered, and for right now, I just can't see doing that in a group format.  These mentoring sessions will include my photo process from start to finish, including an actual photo shoot I want us both to participate in, post processing and product info. So if you are at all interested in the Yan way, but more importantly, the Yan way helping you find YOUR way, please email me at for more info and pricing.

and i think that officially concludes the LONGEST verbal post I've every written on this blog. in the near future i hope to have some pretty pictures of myself (not an easy feat, mind you), to include with posts such as these. but until my plans for that pan out, i leave you with a whole lot of words. and i hope that you found some of them good. =)