the nature of my job is simple and miraculous. in photographing families i get to witness them in a very real and intimate way. parts of the recipe for each session is the same. i see parents adoring their kids, followed by those same parents becoming frustrated with those same kids' energy. i see a child expressing his or her independence to this new stranger with a camera, and in the very next moment acting out his or her daily routines of dependence on mom and dad. its in the small gesture--the break away from mom's loving embrace, followed immediately by reaching a small hand up to cling to mom's pant leg. its beautiful, its aggravating, its hilarious, and all of it, all of it is good. still, every family brings something new to the table. they have their own way of loving, of being together, of doing something as simple as sharing a few blueberries. in the emails i passed back and forth with this family's mom, cassidy, i was touched  by how she expressed her absolute devotion and love to her kids and her husband. she simply said that they're everything. and they are.

contax 645. canon eos 3 fuji 400h.