Kelsey got married today.

and i got to photograph it. scott was there too. good thing, because  he's the guy she married. and they are perfect together. what you see here are from kelsey's bridal session last week in the studio and in a little patch of pretty off the side of the road. kelsey arrived with her mom (fascinating) and her dad(hilarious)  and a basket of loose odds and ends, including the peaches, and i had the time of my photographic life. no joke.

quick trivia:

what's the most special thing about these images other than the charming girl, her amazing freckles, and the fact that this is one of the most beautiful, love toned times in her young life?

i developed and scanned the images myself. and i was horribly slow at it. and i loved every single second. because film BLOWS MY MIND.

thanks for looking, hearts (as uncle marty would say).

p.s. kelsey hates having her picture taken.

contax 645. portra 400. portra 800. fuji 400h.