can i tell you why i love to do simple sessions one more time? why i so much want you and your family to come and spend a half hour or so in the studio with me? for me the simplified location (white, white, white, one room, lots of light) really allows me to focus on how your family connects, how your family is together, without distractions. how you tickle--how you make each other laugh, how you move, the subtle way you position yourself in a room. and nothing distracts from that. marty and i created the kind of place that would foster memory making in the most natural way possible outside of your home. the goal, the hope is  to capture all the sorts of organic moments that you really will want to remember always. so we try and try, and its not always easy, because things never go "perfect." but that's really what makes things perfect in the end, isn't it? p.s.  at the end of this session i wanted to make this family my new best friends. bri is an awesome mama, photographer and blogger here. too bad they moved to st. louis for the summer. i'm so lucky they got a simple session in first.

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