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"did you know i died? a thousand deaths a thousand times..." that's a lyric from marty's latest album, birds beaks and bones (which by the way, someone paid $10 to martin's paypal account, and we figure it has to be someone who wants an album, but we don't know who - so if you are out there, fess up!)

not only is it a lyric from martin's album, its the way i would describe the last six months of my life. which means some shaking, changing, a little crying, and definitely prioritizing need to be going on.

martin and i sat down and looked long and hard at our schedule for the remainder of 2010. okay, maybe i avoided looking at it for at least ten minutes before i summed up the courage, but then i put on my mean face and gave it my all, and you know what we realized?




No more room for 2010 bookings. at first i thought there was a little room, but then i remembered my sanity and that if i wanted to keep it in my life, then no, not enough room. =)

but future clients out there?

pllleeeeassse don't take that the wrong way - because i love what i do. with a passion. but when i do so much of it that my sweet kids begin to prefer their nana (aka the babysitter) over me, then i have to draw the line.

the good news? we are currently booking weddings for 2011, and have some lined up already that we are so excited about! Availability is limited, so if you're getting hitched in 2011, call us quick.

Also, there is another little project cooking in my brain that involves the studio, mini sessions with the funk and spunk of this shoot . So please stay tuned for info on that.

lastly i think i'm FINALLY going to get caught up on blogging. so be checking back for lots of fun sessions (and no i didn't forget about shiloh pictures).

thanks for sticking with me all you all out there. lots of love from yan land.