cyndee lu, and her loved ones too

i'm not quite sure how to say that cyndee is a very special person to me (well, i guess i just said it). she has helped me along with my photographic journey probably more than anyone else except, of course, for my sweet marty mart. at the beginning of my picture taking "career," when i was down and out and didn't know which way was up--she approached me and offered to do anything she possibly could to get me on track and moving in the right direction. how rare is that, not just in the photography world, but in any industry? i consider cyndee my mentor and one of my closest friends. so, you've probably guessed by now that  this awesome lady is a very successful photographer in based in  boise,  but more than her own success, but she cares about helping others. its that simple. talk about a heart of gold. her companion in this life, lumuli, is an equal giant of character and goodness. when marty and i are around cyndee and lumuli we feel uplifted and refreshed. this session together, though freezing cold on a bit of a gloomy day in boise, was super fun and left marty and me smiling. we stuck to digital this time around. =)