good-bye utah blow out sales!!!

there's been a bit of a whisper on the wind, blips on twitter and facebook if you pay attention to that kind of thing-- but if you haven't heard the news yet, let's make it all official-ish right here, right now:

yan photography is moving to denver, colorado!

people kept seeming surprised, and when they asked with that, "what the?" sort of look on their face about why we are moving. i gave them the ultimately boring answer that we are pursuing a master's degree in recording arts for martin.

but what i really want  to tell them is that we are chasing dreams. because three years ago we were not in this place. three years ago we were square pegs trying to fit into round holes. we were doing our best to make responsible and practical choices regarding martin's career, which incidentally happened to exclude the applications of any of martin actual talents. five years ago, i was watching the soul of the person i loved most in the world die a little bit each day. and i wasn't surviving it well.

so now here we go! off in a direction that make our hearts soar! off to realize the goal good old uncle marty set for himself almost two years ago and has been working toward and sacrificing for ever since (i am so, so proud of him).

is moving good for business?

meh, not so much.

do we have a place to live?

well, not quite yet.

am i scared ---- just plain, unsalted, raw emotion scared?

that would be a heck yes.

but its the right thing to do, i know it is.

and in all of this, there is good news for all of you:

we are having some serious good-bye utah blow out sales.

first, simple sessions in the studio. what once was $300, now is $200.

i know, i think i must be crazy, but people, this is your gosh darn last chance and mine too. i'd like to cram y'all in if i possibly can. don't even get me started on my heart break in saying good-bye to my white walled solace. if you have been putting off booking a session with me in the studio, do not wait any longer,


we are taking sessions through the end of july, and possibly the first week of august. exact date of departure is undecided. don't know what a simple session is? read up on it here. i am going to include some never before seen film images in this post from a past blogged simple session.

second we are bringing back outdoor family sessions and

discounting our print prices and digital collections by 40%. !!!!!

freaking madness. but allow me to include a loving disclaimer: please don't only hire me because i am now less expensive. pleeease make sure you like the way i do what i do first. that way we can be all be happy. =)


we are offering a very limited number of discounted utah weddings.

we have a busy weekend schedule,  but i would like to meet a few more lovely utah brides, before i go! you're going to have to email me for more details on this one.  if this interests you at all, please email me immediately:

final disclaimer:

if you book one of these good-bye utah sale sessions, please know it will be shot 90% with FILM. if that scares you, i understand. keep watching the blog for updated film work, i have 30 rolls from some amazing sessions i shot last week that are coming your way. if the prospect of film excites you, please give me a call. 208.866.9967. we're going to have a really great time.

all images below: contax 645, fuji 400h in studio.