heather and casey's utah engagement session

heather and casey's engagement session was a dream realized for me. let's take a minute to study the components of this dream: a. THE LIGHT. the heavenly angels singing. the hazy softness making, glorious glorious light.

b. THE extreme good looks of the couple (like you triple check them out to make sure people that good looking exist)

c. way more important than the extreme good looks --- the extremely amazing and kind hearts of the couple. the only other person i've met as nice as heather--is casey. and vice-verse. when i see a perfect match up of kindred spirits such as theirs, i'm not just happy, i'm inspired. p.s. casey owns a toy store. he's like a young, thin, good looking, tattooed santa clause.

d. the willingness of heather and casey to hike 15 minutes up so that we could traipse down into the perfect location. a little, secluded valley we had more or less to ourselves minus a few deer.

all this adds up to me jabbering like an idiot the entire session about how excited i was, how i couldn't believe how everything was perfect, how it all felt like the dream that it was....