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i love looking around this time of year and seeing the way everybody's souls seem to come alive after winter. its these first, bright warm days of the season that wake us up with their newness, and inspire the beginnings of things. around yan land, we have been making changes that we are excited to share. the new website is only a day or so away from launching, and with it a giveaway bigger than we've ever attempted before. though i wish i could share all of it with you right now, its not quite done cooking. but it smells really really good.

however, there is one element of the new site i can show. and it has all the prettiness and fresh feelings of spring. i have a talented friend who seems to exhale loveliness. she is a giver and a maker, and just wonderful all around. i've really been wanting to incorporate other types of art into my art. i asked for her to make a painting of a bride, and she presented me with this:

girl with pink dress bloggirl with pink dress blog

isn't she perfect? the artist is named ashmae, please go see more of her work here:

i promise it will be a nice way to kick off your weekend.

edited to add:

after consulting with uncle marty, he encouraged me to put up some of our favorite photos that will be appearing on the new site. oh alright. walk down memory lane, starting with the artist mentioned above:

YW 24

YW 22

YW 35

briana lemmons board



YW 23

3 blog


G SB 3

YW 11