refusal to fail

and here we are again--that place where i'm disgusted with myself for not doing what i promised to do-- blogging.

every day.

creating a community right here where we can talk, gripe, and laugh together.

and let's not forget the pictures, shall we?

i am DONE with overthinking. done with waiting for the perfect thought, the funniest anecdote to share with you.

don't wait, create. that's what i tell others. time to practice what i preach.

so here is my promise to y'all. i am gonna be here 6/7 days. saying something. and it might be boring, or self indulgent, or repetitive, or a joke that bellyflops in the most painful way. i'm not going to think so much about that. i'm just going to do my darndest to show up.

i hope you show up once in awhile too.

wait, what's that, you wanna see a photo? oh alright. =)

i call this series of self-portraits "the right angle."  you know what i'm talking about. when you try to shoot yourself in the most flattering, possibly deceptive manner and then blast the internet with your photo so people are tricked into thinking you're a mega babe?  we alllll do it, am i right ladies? i mean, instagram just makes it waayyy too easy. we find our right angle,  then we post, check back every 5 seconds for a new compliment/comment, and respond with some  internet version of, "whaaaat? this old thing?! oh you're too, too kind."


yeeeaaaahhhh--i'm about to post a bunch of junky yan right angles captured with  instagram/fb. here we go. if you follow me on instagram, or are my friend on fb, you've already seen most of these. but i don't know, i think they're worth another look (wink).

playing up my one true beauty, my hair:

oh hey, i'm sly, yet kinda sexy, yet wise and soulful, and why yes, my hair just happens to look sensational:

not only am i super hot, i'm a mom too!!! totally presh.okay, you caught me, i've taken one too many self portraits, but i still think i look good right now, and can't seem to stop myself from posting just onnnne more:this one was tricky. i wanted to show my man, my outfit, AND jonathan canlas' rad book, but how to cover up my squishy middle? oh, I'VE got it (bonus points for showing 2 pretty photos of myself in one self portrait!!!):

i did my hair kinda different, but starting to feel stupid about taking so many pictures of myself. oh well it must be done:

and a true low/high point--i got ready at like 4pm specifically for taking a pretty picture of myself, but then i couldn't bring myself to do it seriously and resorted to scrunch face to make myself feel not quite so vain and narcissistic.

and then we have the harsh reality:

=) thanks for indulging me fine readers. i really hope you got a good chuckle or two in. don't forget to meet me back here tomorrow. and then M-S of next week, yes, wppi week.

one last thing, if you leave a comment on this post, like i'm praying you do, do you think you can link to a quick photo of yourself? i mean, i'm feeling a little exposed here and would like to be on equal ground. actually, the truth is i so badly want to put faces to your names. even you mom. picture, please. xoxoxo