that one time i shot for kinfolk magazine

and didn't blog it, which probably wasn't very smart, because come on, kinfolk is more than a little bit hiptastic, and i would appreciate being thought cool by association. and can you believe how much of a sensation its been?

probably because its an incredibly beautiful magazine with a brilliant and gentle aesthetic.

and they're really nice people who run that thing.

which goes a really long way in my book.

i am so honored to have been the tiniest part of the first issue.

the best part is probably that my subject is the most talented and lovable florist in the state of utah, and possibly the western hemisphere. sarah winward of honey of a thousand flowers. you think i'm kidding, but this girl could cover any space in pure, inspiring originality. plus she's funny. double plus she is kind.  man i love her. thanks for asking me to shoot this sarah.

*black and white photo of me taken by angie berrio