a few things that i know

my heart is full.

i have taken some of the most amazing shots of my career in the last week.

i have photographed some of the best photographers i know --and had one of my mentor's, someone pretty big and famous not only in film world, but the whole photography world at large...

hire me to photograph his family

the honor is huge. so huge it leaves me emotional.

but something i'm not sure of:

whether this slew of clients, many of whom are my photographer friends, have rallied around to hire me for my skill, or to simply lend me a hand--

bottom line?

it totally doesn't matter. either one is 100% touching to me and i'll take it.

and i'll do a freaking yantastic good job (yes i use my name as part of a made up adjective which is incredibly jerky, but its who i am).

the thing i know very very very most of all ------ is that nothing that happens in my career or the rest of my life would mean a darn thing without this:

i love them i love them i love them. and i'm ready to be done with this amazing trip and head home. just a few more days marty pants--just a few more days.

xoxo, yan