The problem of blogging from your iPhone at an airport

when I would rather be reading my book... I think the best I'll be able to come up with is a whole lotta random. Possibly even a list of paradoxes that will be eerily reminiscent of an alanis morisette song. The number of typos will be even higher than usual (is that even possible at this point?) and if in the unlikely event I figure out how to get a picture in this thing. I will demand a round of applause from anyone reading this. Right where you are. At home in front of a computer or in public on your phone like me.......

Which brings me back just about full circle.

Oh right, a list: -my heart feels simultaneously unburdened but heavy -I am sooo excited for my shoot tomorrow, and soooo excited to go home after that -I shriek with joy at the sight of a baby. Followed by tears that I have been away from mine for so long -I have had more meaningful meals with more inspiring people on this trip than I had collectively between the years 2010-2011. -I am losing myself in a sea of gratitude while finding myself in a blanket of new friendships -I am trying to think of something funny to improve this list but I can't. -I want to live in a wes anderson movie, but keep their cooler than coolness all to myself -I had cadbury mini eggs and diet coke for breakfast while making an ambitious plan to get back in shape. -I dislike alanis morisette, but clearly can't get her influence out Of my head. -I suddenly wish this list had been not about me but about all the amazing else.

Tomorrows post will be better friends, promise! And when I get my film back on Tuesday, lookout! Aw yeah.