two more make seven in chicago

i spend a lot of my life feeling overwhelmed. with everything i have to get done, with money, with whether or not i'm giving my kids enough attention. this that, a,b, or c. this world feels so super loud and busy all the time and it can feel like i don't particularly care for this personal trait. its not something i love, its not a lot of fun, i do it to myself, and i'm trying to be better.

most recently i find myself overwhelmed with sooo many sessions of sooo many beautiful things that i sooo want to share with the world, but where to start? and to combat this i am just blogging a lot faster and more instinctively than i may have in the past, so forgive me for this being maybe the longest blog post ever with an abundance of images i just couldnt say blog no to.

don't worry--i'm getting to a point. and here it comes.

when i walked into the brogle home i thought --- this lady is for sure going to be more frazzled than me. (oh don't look at me like that, you know you compare too! ha) new twins. new twins on top of three other kids. i thought that sleep deprivation just HAD to be ruling this house with its nightmarish reign of complete horror. i braced myself for it, i was ready.

but when i walked in their door, andrea just had this smile. acceptance. it said, "i'm tired. i'm spent. its been a long day and life is kinda crazy right now. but i'm okay. i'm doing my best. this is my family, here we are."

and i found myself overwhelmed in such a different way. the brand of calm among that crazy. the brand of love in the brogle home. the way the older kids held the babies. the way mom and dad and were such a gosh darn good tag team when the twins were screaming and one had to get the bottle and the other had to pose with the kids for their crazy photographer----it was life at its most beautiful messiness. it could have been overwhelming, in a way i guess it was, but  mostly, it just felt like love.

thanks for looking.