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okay, guys, this time i'm really going to do it. even if it kills me. which there is a good chance it will. i'm going to post something EVERY DAY, for 1 week.  Maybe even every day for 1 MONTH if this first week goes well. Its not going to be easy. It might not even be pretty. But you know what? I'm almost through this yucky first trimester, and I have  an amazing assortment of awesome sessions to choose from for posting. So that helps. ( Big Breath from a time commitment-phobic). I can do this.

the one stipulation i've set for myself is to not worry too much about sounding fun or happy, or even cool! i'm mostly worried about sounding like me. and if i let the real me elbow her way through here, she might tell you that the best thing about today is that she got to see a perfect little picture of her little baby in utero. its got a profile, fingers, and a beating heart, which is enough to thrill me to no end.

and probably the nexxxxt best thing about today is that I have some wedding photos to share with you from Trent and Carly's fantastic wedding. Remember how cold last week was UTAH? I can guarantee that cold is something neither Carly, nor Trent, nor my baby pinky toes will ever forget.

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but it was worth it.