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okay okay okay okay. let's get monday started off right shall we? i present to you a chilly december wedding, featuring the lovey dovey mugs of one mr. and mrs. trent mueller. i mentioned on the blog before that this was one of the cooooldeesssst days this winter. other than a few goosebumps here and there and poor, poor, carly's arms, you can't even tell how much these two are suffering! please notice that this is where my corny self conquers my "i know better than to write this kind of stuff," self when i say : it would appear that love truly does conquer all (oh my gosh, it pains me that i wrote that, but, really it can't be helped). martin and i felt so fortunate to be a part of this day. we did not feel as fortunate to be left behind when carly and trent left on their honeymoon for paris!!! hehehehe, enjoy the pictures!

sb 14

trent, waiting for carly to make her appearance

sb 2time to reveal...


trent, you kill me in these, so in love with carly.

1 B

carly doesn't know how pretty she is.

5 B

but i believe trent does know how suave he is!

SB 9

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a little reminder from a previous post..

sb 7

sb 8

SB 12

7 (2) blog

a marty shot

4 (1) blog

and another


57 B

trent sb

SB 13

sb 5

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68 B

another one of my favorite martin shots.


50 (1) B

it. was. so. cold. and trent, you are so. sweet.

sb 15

despite the cold, carly brought nothing but her 'a' game when it came to parasol skillz.

48 (1) B



this shot called for a little something different, and i think it needs to stand alone.

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another fav for me.

12 (2) blog

just love how we were able to get some glowy light in december (and when i say "we," i mean martin, another one of his...)

now, the above were all from BEFORE carly and trent's ceremony in the temple, let's see just a few from after their ceremony. the center shot below is my number one favorite from the entire day. yes, i know its not of carly and trent, and no, its not my shot, hint, hint, cough, martin.

BOARD 3 copy