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i may have finally learned my lesson this year. no, its not a good idea to make your first shopping trip of the season the week before Christmas. no, its not a good idea to hurriedly buy your husband's Christmas gift online on christmas eve. and no, no, no, it is especially not a good idea to have to walk two miles in the cold snow (also on Christmas Eve) to buy butterscotch chips before the store closes, leaving you  unable to make your favorite Christmas treat. Yan, Yan, Yan, don't put off what needs to get done because EVERYTHING HAPPENS SOONER THAN YOU THINK IT WILL. i'm trying to internalize this little piece of wisdom and that is why I am  NOT waiting to talk about the thing that makes me most excited for February this year.

MINI LOVE SHOOTS WITH YAN PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!  Doesn't that sound great?

Sometimes I like to insist to new people I meet how NOT girly I am. I wear minimum make up. I don't cry very often. my nails are always short and bare. but you know what betrays my tough facade? the fact that i love LOVE. i force my sweet martin to sit with me to watch countless romantic comedies, and during the way romantic parts, i repeat (this is totally true) the sappiest lines out loud to my husband, and make him smooch me.  Okay, and then we laugh, but STILL, if that's not girly, I don't know what is.


As my gift to myself this Valentines day, I'd like to fill up my month photographing my favorite subject: L O V  E. And that means I want to know your love story. I want to hear it, and then I want to photograph it. And I promise to not make my husband or myelf repeat any part of it aloud and then kiss.

But wait, you want the details unpolluted by random thoughts and embarrassing personal anecdotes? okay, okay.  =)

*what my love?

30 minute mini love shoots with Yan Photography. Be you engaged, married, old, young, casual, in wedding clothes, as long as you're in love, you qualify.

*when my love?

The entire month of February. That's right, I'm offering an incredible, discounted shoot not just for a day or two, but for an ENTIRE MONTH. Here's the catch: ALL LOVE SHOOTS MUST BE BOOKED AND PAID FOR BY JAN 20TH. The shoots themselves will be scheduled for the month of Feb.

*where my love? utah, people. Provo, UT. Heaven knows I'm surrounded by people in love.

*how much my love? I offered my family mini sessions for $250. But theses mini sessions are only $200!!!! What the what?! its true. Its my love gift to you.

*what do we get my love? A 30 minute super rad session with yours truly.....okay, and a CD with your pictures. A high resolution CD at that! you are guaranteed 10 pictures in color and black and white (20 total!).

so,  i'm asking you, begging, pleading really, help me make my dreams come true of filling up my february with some sweet romance! email me at photography.yan@gmail.com to book your february love session!